Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Years ago I helped organize the Citizen Oversight Group of Grady County to oversee Grady County Government. There were a number of issues at the time that were of concern to Grady County citizens with the greater issue being attempts to zone the county on top of already existing excessive regulations.

The County Commissioners at the time refused to work with us and so I created a Citizen Oversight Newspaper and we proceeded to kick out of office three Commissioners and replace them with Citizen Oversight members. In doing this we stopped zoning in its tracks.

Later George Bivins created another newspaper called The Grady County Enquirer after my initial run of the Citizen Oversight newspaper. At the time all I could afford was to do three free runs of the newspaper, enough to get around the Cairo Messenger propaganda machine and speak directly to the people.

Once again the issue of Zoning has reared its ugly head. Because of this issue and other issues such as the failure of government to lower tax valuations in response to falling property values some of us have decided to try to organize this time through Internet blogs and social networks like Facebook. George Bivins now has a blog and has more time to devote to these issues than I, so I suggest those wanting up to date articles check his blog on a regular basis. http://gradycountyinquirer.blogspot.com/
and or Walter Lewis at http://riverbankphilosopher.blogspot.com/

This issue of the State failing to lower property valuations is a backdoor taxation increase on the Citizens of not just Grady County but all Georgia counties. If there were a honest reduction in valuations, the County would be forced to economize as have governments in other states or honestly raise taxes to maintain and increase spending for all to see and resist.



What I hope to do here is assist any and all people willing to set up blogs and Facebook accounts to create a Grady County blogophere to hold government accountable and keep people informed and active in Grady County politics. If we get well organized on the Internet we can again make a difference.

If you would like to get on my email mailing list for irregular updates that won't clutter up your email box let me know at edkomarek@yahoo.com . Please send me articles that you would like George Bivins, georgebi@windstream.net , or I to publish on our blogs if you don't want to have your own blog. There is also a comments section under these blog articles for public comment.

This blog is completely separate from my UFO/ET work but I am afraid that if I change my profile on this blog it will do the same for my Exopolitics blog. So for now I am not going to make changes to my profile. I am also on Facebook but you don't want to friend me there unless you have a interest in UFOs because I am running a UFO news service on my Facebook wall. I will try to set something up for Citizen Oversight.